We are looking to lease a space to run our first Happiness Centre in Zone 1 or 2 in London, and your monthly contribution will help support our vision. Your contribution will be to Art of Living Foundation UK registered Charity, No: 1131480, and will be ringfenced to only be used for this vision.

Monthly Donation Target



For your donation, you will receive the following:

  • Regular updates on how your money is being used
  • Your money is ring-fenced and only used to run a Happiness Centre

Initially we will collect donations to build up enough of a deposit, and then further monthly funds will be used for the rent

  • Your monies will be ring-fenced within The Art of Living Foundation’s UK Charity bank account, and will only be used to finance a Happiness Centre in London.
  • The Art of Living Foundation is a UK registered Charity, No: 1131480. It has a Trustee Board who are dedicated to good governance and the Charity Governance Code

Other ways to get involved

Fundraising Team

We are looking for experienced fundraisers to support our current efforts

Operational Team

We are looking to put a professional team together to run the centre to meet our objectives

We welcome support, both financially or otherwise, in achieving our vision. You can find out more by contacting Bhavesh Sangrajka on 07956 562788 or